The Amgen Foundation - Promoting Science Education & Literacy
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How We Measure Impact

Snapshots that highlight the progress of our education initiatives

students and educators reached in 2023 In 2023 alone, we reached 25 million students and educators worldwide through our four core science education programs.
~4,400 teachers supported with hands-on labs since 1990 To date, we have provided ~4,400 science teachers with cutting edge research equipment and training to transform their classroom into biotech labs
5,300+ undergraduate
Amgen Scholars alumni since 2007
To date, we have opened the door for more than 5,300 scholars to undertake cutting-edge research in the world's most prestigious institution
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$270+ million
donated to science education since 1991To date, we have committed $270+ million to meaningful, evidence-based initiatives that advance science education.
in total giving since 1991To date, we have committed $450+ million to nonprofits dedicated to impacting lives in inspiring and innovative ways.


Empowering Diverse Thinkers to Solve the World’s Greatest Challenges

The Amgen Foundation works to broaden access to engaging and inspiring science education programs, providing future generations with essential skills to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

About the Amgen Foundation
Science education


Reimagining How Students Access and Experience Science Learning

Together with our partners, we offer hands-on and virtual learning opportunities to ensure that everyone, everywhere can participate in science, regardless of race, ethnicity, income, gender, geography, sexual orientation or disability.


Supporting Communities Through Staff Volunteerism and Grantmaking

Amgen staff members volunteer as mentors in high schools and contribute their expertise to new educational resources. In our United States and Puerto Rican communities, we award grants to further our mission.

Community engagement