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Khan Academy

The Amgen Foundation is the exclusive sponsor of Khan Academy’s biology education resources.

A teacher shares Amgen Foundation sponsored biology resources on Khan Academy
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Our Partnership

Khan Academy is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2007, with the mission to provide a free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere. The full suite of Khan Academy education resources covers numerous subjects, spanning preschool through early college, with select subjects available in 50+ languages.

Since 2015, the Amgen Foundation has been the exclusive sponsor of Khan Academy’s online biology resources, which include high school and college-level biology content. This collaboration is made possible through a seven-year over $9 million commitment and brings free, high-quality biology education to millions of learners around the world.

Our Program Goals

The Amgen Foundation and Khan Academy are accelerating measurable science education outcomes both inside and outside the classroom. With our partnership focused on advancing equity in science education, we support students of color as well as those from low-income communities.

In addition to our Biology sponsorship, the Amgen Foundation also supports Khan Academy’s content collaboration with LabXchange and Khan Academy’s district partnership programming with United States school districts facing budget shortfalls.

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Explore Shareable Resources

Everyone can freely access practice problems, videos, articles and quizzes on Khan Academy. Click on the course links to explore biology content sponsored by the Amgen Foundation.


AP/College Biology

This course is aligned with the United States Next Generation Science Standards.


High school Biology

This course is aligned with the AP® Biology Course Description.

How We Measure Impact

A snapshot of Khan Academy’s progress with Amgen Foundation support

committed to Khan Academy since 2015
1,600+ biology content assets developed since 2015

students and educators reached through Biology resources in 2023
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Amgen CEO Robert Bradway discusses the Amgen Foundation’s partnership with Khan Academy

Khan Academy is leveraging the power of technology to help students around the world.

Program Testimonial

"Khan Academy allowed me to reach my students at their own individual levels. I now feel like I am more of a coach and facilitator in a collaborative class culture instead of the 'sole purveyor of knowledge'. I feel like I am more in touch with how my students are doing and more able to assess their abilities"

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Learn More About Khan Academy

Learners, teachers, parents and school districts can access a wide range of tools and resources here.

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Khan Academy is used in more than 190 countries and has more than 130 million registered users. Learn more about Khan Academy’s global impact and consider donating to help further its mission.