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A group of high school students bond over a shared love of science in the laboratory

Join Our Mission

Our vision is to make science accessible to everyone. We invite you to stay connected and get involved.

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Be a Champion for Science

Understanding the fundamentals of science is as critical as reading and writing and we believe location and financial status should no longer be barriers to high-quality science education. By broadening access to engaging and inspiring science programs, we are equipping future generations with the essential skills needed to thrive in our increasingly complex world.​

However, we cannot achieve our goals on our own. If you share our passion for science education, there are several ways to get involved - from staying connected with us via social media, to helping spread the word about our programs and events with your community.

Spread the Word

As we strive to remove barriers to access science education, we invite you to share information about our programs with your network.

LabXchange Moonshot

As the founding and lead sponsor of LabXchange, we are proud to support the goal of engaging 50 million learners and educators worldwide by 2025, promoting equity, diversity and accessibility in science education across the globe.

Help us reach this goal by sharing LabXchange with your network using ready-to-go emails and messaging, targeted for different audiences, including parents and teachers.

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Moonshot Microsite

Everyone Needs Science. Science Needs Everyone.

Only five minutes to spare? Use these quick and easy e-cards to get the message out to your network.


Khan Academy Student

Invite middle, high school and undergraduate students and educators as well as life-long learners to access free, world-class educational resources.


Amgen Biotech Experience

Khan Academy Student

Invite science teachers in your life to check out ABE program locations for in-person opportunities and explore free online resources.


Amgen Scholars Program

Khan Academy Student

Invite undergraduate students interested in scientific research to learn more about the Amgen Scholars Program.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy Student

Invite teachers, students and parents to freely access biology practice problems, videos, articles and quizzes on the multi-lingual Khan Academy platform.


Stay Connected

Follow us on social media to stay up to date on all things Amgen Foundation. We invite you to engage as we celebrate STEM education milestones, share program news and highlight student, teacher and volunteer stories.