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A young student explores Khan Academy, a free, online platform for education

Committed to Community Engagement

The Amgen Foundation supports communities through staff volunteering, targeted grant making and matching gift donations.

Making Investments That Strengthen Local Communities

We encourage and support staff engagement in building a better tomorrow because we recognize that volunteerism contributes to healthier and more resilient communities. When staff members volunteer their time and talent in the United States and Puerto Rico communities, Amgen Foundation provides additional support through service grants and programs that double staff donations to eligible charities.

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In 2020 and 2021, we funded an additional $10.5 million in grants to support social justice and equal opportunity initiatives and science education partnerships that focus on United States populations underrepresented in the sciences.

Internationally, the Amgen Foundation works with global partners to support disaster relief efforts.

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Community Grants

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In the United States and Puerto Rico, we solicit and award annual grants to select nonprofit organizations whose programs are replicable, scalable and designed to have a lasting and meaningful effect in Amgen communities.

Staff Engagement

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Volunteering increases the impact of our programs for students and educators, while allowing staff members to directly engage and contribute to our mission of bringing science to everyone.

Social Justice And Equal Opportunity

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We support the urgent need to address social inequality and injustice. In the United States, we work with established national organizations and education partners, who are focused on addressing racial disparities in science education.

Disaster Relief

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Working with our international partners, we provide funding to help support those affected by natural disasters as well as global disease outbreaks and complex humanitarian emergencies.