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The Amgen Foundation is the founding sponsor of LabXchange, a free online platform for science education.

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Program Overview

Funded by the Amgen Foundation and developed at Harvard University, LabXchange is a free, online platform for science learning that provides middle school, high school and university level teachers and students with access to personalized instruction, virtual lab experiences and networking opportunities across the global scientific community.

Launched in 2020, the LabXchange platform offers digital content from the world’s leading science organizations and enables users to remix, adapt and assign customized learning experiences. LabXchange's curated library continues to grow with resources that cover multiple disciplines across the sciences and select content available in 14+ languages.

Our Program Goals

LabXchange and the Amgen Foundation are on a mission to break down barriers and bring science education to everyone, everywhere. We believe that technology complements in-person learning and can create authentic opportunities for young people to learn and engage in science.

Every young person should feel that they belong in science and empowered to find careers that ignite their passions. LabXchange is designed to drive more inclusion in the scientific process and enable creative, team-based approaches to real-world problems. In 2022, analysis showed that 80% of all new users were from low or lower-middle income countries. To fully realize our vision, we aim to grow our global science classroom from 20 million people to 50 million by 2025.

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Explore Shareable Resources

Everyone can freely access all of the content on LabXchange. Click on the links to explore content made possible by the Amgen Foundation.


AP/College Biology

These multilingual resources expose learners to fundamental concepts and lab techniques essential to the field of biotechnology, based on curriculum of the accomplished Amgen Biotech Experience program.


High school Biology

These resources on LabXchange guide learners through the steps involved in making a solution when in a research lab, from finding the recipe and doing calculations to putting the ingredients together.

How We Measure Impact

A snapshot of LabXchange’s global progress with Amgen Foundation support

committed to LabXchange since 2016
Over 26 million
users reached since the online platform launched in January 2020 on the UN International Day of Education
19,000+ content assets in the LabXchange platform library since 2020
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LabXchange: The World’s Online Science Classroom

Watch this video to see how educators create hybrid, personalized science learning experiences on LabXchange.

Program Testimonial

“LabXchange is a very good learning and science sharing platform. It is rare to find a science teaching website with free, high quality content. The simulations helped prepare my students for actual laboratory experience, which means spending less time during the practical sessions. My students loved it.”

Rasheed Adeleke
North-West University Potchefstroom, South Africa
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Explore science education resources available on LabXchange.

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