Meet the Amgen Volunteer: Catherine Grimm’s Experience with Khan Academy

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Meet the Amgen Volunteer: Catherine Grimm’s Experience with Khan Academy

4/25/2017 8:58:00 AM

Catherine Grimm
Associate, Pivotal Drug Substance
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Why did you apply to volunteer with Khan Academy?

I’ve always been interested in making science education approachable. During my undergraduate studies, I watched Khan Academy videos to better understand concepts outside of the classroom. Since I was also a science tutor, I would encourage my students to engage with Khan Academy because it was so widely available. I trusted Khan Academy's reputation and was impressed by the integrity of their content, including the engaging way they talk about science.

Because of this, I was excited to hear about Amgen partnering with Khan Academy. It was an opportunity to give back to an organization that helps provide quality scientific resources to students and teachers.

What was your role?

It was a very simple process and easy to fit into my schedule. I would look at one piece of biology content every month, whether it was an article or video. I would communicate any errors or suggestions to improve the clarity of the content. Khan Academy has a process for anyone to give feedback.

What was unique about this experience?

By volunteering for Khan Academy, I was able to support an organization that is making science education more accessible. What’s more, it was very well organized and easy to get involved.

I would definitely encourage other Amgen staff to volunteer, not only because we have 8 hours of paid volunteer time, but because it gives you a different perspective on other aspects of the world — in this case, science education.

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